How to improve soil fertility?

Soil is a biological ecosystem, on which every living organism and their growth depends. Fertility is the ability to grow healthy plants, providing them with the nutrition, water and oxygen they need. Several factors that have an impact on increased yields are: the natural structure of the soil,  the presence of groundwater and the level […]

The benefits of organic farming

The environmental benefits attributable to reduced chemical inputs, less soil erosion, water conservation, and improved soil organic matter and biodiversity were consistently greater in the organic systems than in the conventional systems.  Because of the healthier soil, organic farming reduces runoff and therefore creates a lower risk of polluting waterways. The absence of harmful pesticide […]

What are the advantages of using organic biostimulators?

If you do not want chemicals in your body, do not put them in your food. For soils as peat and chernozem, regular application of organic fertilizers in addition to nitrogen, is most suitable. They contain microorganisms that can significantly increase soil fertility several times in a very short time. Humus is an organic component […]