Modern spectrum of liquid biostimulators

based on vermicompost

Properties of organic fertilizers

Crop protection from pests and diseases.

Humic preparations have high bactericidal and fungicidal properties, namely:

First, the use of humic preparations makes plants less accessible to sucking arthropod pests due to increased plant immunity, which leads to less plant contamination;

Secondly, there is a decrease in the rate of reproduction of these pests;

Third, pests either leave the treated plants or die.

The mechanisms of protective effects are explained by the presence of watersoluble phenolic compounds, free enzymes and a wide range of microorganisms in vermicompost extracts. During foliar treatment of vegetating plants, microorganisms colonize, mainly on the leaf surface, which leads to the removal of phytopathogenic microorganisms from the leaf surface. Spraying plants with humic preparations contributes to the formation of a so-called protective “biofilm” in the plant.

The compatibility of the application of humic substances with mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

The preparations are compatible with all mineral fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, which allows them to be applied together with them without disrupting technological processes.

They are not a source of mineral nutrition and do not replace it, but only increase its utilization rate, so they can be used together with fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides.

When pre-sowing seed treatment, the use of preparations can reduce the amount of pesticides by 15-100% and by 30-50% during foliar treatments.

The use of preparations in conjunction with mineral fertilizers can reduce the amount of fertilizers by 30-50% (by increasing the coefficient of assimilation of their plants), and in some cases, they are completely abandoned.

The use of vermicompost and liquid humic preparations will allow agricultural producers and farmers to reduce or eliminate the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides when growing agricultural products.

The use of our products based on the use of unique properties of humic substances allows us to solve the following tasks:

  • obtaining stable yields even under adverse weather conditions (heat-frost, drought-waterlogging, insufficient number of sunny days), which is confirmed by scientific research and practical results;
  • savings:
  • on pesticides: (15-100% for pre-sowing seed treatment and 30-50% for foliar treatments);
  • on mineral fertilizers: 30-50% (by increasing the coefficient of assimilation of their plants);
  • improving the quality of the resulting crop (for grain: increasing of content of gluten on average by 3-4%, vitreous by 6% and improved gluten quality by 10 conventional unit);
  • obtaining additional economic effect by:
  • accelerating maturation by 10-14 days;
  • reducing the cost of production by 15 -30%;
  • increasing the yield (20-50% depending on the type of agricultural crop and the technologies used);
  • transferring products to another price group (due to quality improvement).

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