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Biohumus-Organica is worm compound, or biohumus, which has been obtained by processing Californian worm manure, which has no harmful effect and allows the production of ecologically pure products. It is ideal for breeding quality seedlings, Biohumus -Organica protects and gives a balanced food and at the same time increases resistance to all types of diseases and temperature differences.

  • • Composition and characteristics
  • • What is worm compound?
  • • Usage and application
  • Effects

Biohumus-Organica contains a large number of humic and fulvic acids which acts as a regulator for the growth and development of plants. It is characterized by a high and diversified microbiological and fermentative activity, an orderly structure, with a high moisture retention capacity and contains a wide range of micro and ultramicroelements in a suitable form for plants. Except this contains units of useful microorganisms in the soil, isolated plant hormones, antibiotics, fungicide and bactericidal compounds which results with overcoming of pathogens. All this in the long term contributes to healthier soil by eliminating many diseases on the plants. It does not contain pathogenic helminth eggs, weed seeds and heavy metals. The effectiveness of the application of Biohumus lasts for 4-7 years.

- Total nitrogen (N) - 1%
- Organic Nitrogen (N) - 0.75%
- Potassium (K20) - 1 &
- Phosphorus (P205) - 1.5%
- Organic carbon (C) - 18%
- Total organic matter (OM) - 31%

Vermicomposta is an organic material, which is obtained with the interaction of earthworms and microorganisms, as a result of the mesophilic process, which allows to have completely stabilized organic fertilizers with a low ratio between C: N. The worms transform the organic material into humus, which it has already passed through the digestive tract of the worms. The material obtained has a high and different microbiological and enzymatic activity, an excellent physical structure, with a high moisture retention capacity and nutrients such as Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium in a form that the plant absorbs immediately.

The biomass of earthworms that is obtained during production, has a high nutritional value and caloric content, because it contains proteins, peptides, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, a wide range of trace elements, enzymes and vitamins, with which this material has a significant difference between other types of materials that are of plant origin.

It is mixed with earth, humus or peat depending on the crop being grown.

With this dosage it is possible to decrease the dose of mineral fertilizers by 30-50%, and with higher rates it is also possible not to use absolutely the traditional mineral fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Biohumus can be applied to an open land in any weather, even in late autumn, without fear that the earth will lose its components during the winter-summer period, during the rains and melting snow. Even the minimum doses of biohumus significantly influence the growth, development and health of the plants, flowering, fruiting and harvesting (in a qualitative and quantitative sense) of different crops.

  • Increases the productivity of the soil and improves its structure;
    It stimulates the growth and speeds up the development of plants;
    It decreases the germination time of the seeds and increases the energy of the earth
    Speeds up the growth and flowering of plants;
    Boosts the immune system of plants;
    Increases resistance to stressful situations, temperature variations, bacterial and decomposition diseases. ;
    Enhance the taste of grown products;
    Increases the quantity and mass of the root and improves its formation;
    It largely decreases the decomposition of the plant root, mold and plant wilt;
    Decreases the ripening period of the plant for 7-10 days
    Decreases the need for irrigation due to humidity and the capacity for moisture retention;
    Increase the yield by 20-30%;

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